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Germany is a beautiful country with a lot to offer to both, individuals and families, who want to relocate. If you make the decision to move here you will begin a fabulous and exhilarating journey.

Nowadays more and more people consider the chance of immigrating to Germany as it is prosperous and will surely bring about a change of lifestyle. Germany is located in the heart of Europe, a fact that can be seen as an important advantage for people looking forward to travel a lot and make adventure out of life. Germany has the perfect location if you want to have easy access to other countries in Europe such as Austria, France, Switzerland, Belgium, etc. If you are a ski lover, then the Alps in Germany are a nice place for you to go to.

To move to Germany is a good option since lifestyle of German people is a quite comfortable one. They live a life of leisure and pleasure, with a compressive social welfare in the air. The capital of Germany is Berlin. This is the most populated city in Germany, the second being Bonn, this is because Bonn was the provincial capital of West Germany.

When you come to Germany you must register with the local authorities within three months of your arrival, the bureaucratic process can be long winded so it is better to start sooner rather than later. In order to get this permission of permanency, you will need certain official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates etc. Often these documents also need to be translated into German. The same way when you move address within Germany or leave the country: you must inform the local authority office.
Relocation Services in Germany:

Cheryl Koenig Relocation Services Group

Cheryl Koenig Relocation Services Group CKRS globally offers professional while sensitive relocation services. As a consequence CKRS cooperates with the most renowned international partners. Irrespective of its partnerships CKRS centrally manages all global relocation activities special benefits for the client: transparency, cost control plus security in terms of service quality and planning.

Website: Cheryl Koenig Relocation Services Group


KaleidosGlobe KaleidosGlobe relocation services, training & consulting focuses on the successful and efficient national or international relocation of its clients. The client base currently consists of several world renowned multinational companies. KaleidosGlobe utilises the high level of expertise and experience of its staff to ensure that the client’s relocation and the associated intercultural adaptation is conducted efficiently. We provide specially tailored solutions and support our clients where they really need us!

Website: KaleidosGlobe


KEWA Planning and timing is of the utmost importance and the cooperation between your relocation partner in Germany and in the host country should be professionally carried out by experienced teams. KEWA Relocation and its worldwide network of partners support your expatriates from initial preparation to your return to Germany, maintaining high-quality standards of service.

Website: KEWA


RSB Helmut Berg, owner and director of RSB Deutschland Gesellschaft für Relocation Services und -Beratung, is responsible for some 150 colleagues Germany-wide and is internationally set in globally working networks of cooperation partners. Thus, founded in 1990 and international since then, RSB can offer relocation services in over 100 countries.

Website: RSB

Moving Companies

Moving Companies The moving guide and storage information resource. On our website you can get free moving quotes, read our moving guide, learn how to pack and even buy moving boxes. Of course, you can browse our moving companies directory and find the company more nearest to you. And tell to your friends you are moving sending a moving postcard in our moving services section.

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