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Why choose India?

India is considered one of the most cultural countries in the world, and it is believed to have been home for the oldest civilizations of the human kind, the historical contributions of the country are great and deep as well as the contributions many civilizations and Empires that settled in the territory have given to the world.

Culture in India is a reward by itself and it cannot be easily understood without some previous research since many aspects of its culture, architecture and society are a blend of different influences.

Religion is another important aspect that makes the country attractive: religion has molded the country and its society. India is the most dense country in terms of religion as it is home of some of the oldest religions on Earth, such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Important religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism started in India and are now practiced worldwide. If you practice Yoga, India will not disappoint you since it was in this country where Yoga was developed.

Hospitality is another good reason to visit India, people are very friendly and they know how to treat a guest, they are very respectful towards everybody and making friends from India is by itself a rich experience. Everything, from the clothing to the dancing is directly related to traditions and religion so you can learn a lot just by being a little curious.

Celebrations, festivals and festivities are taken very seriously as people gather in great numbers to celebrate and show respect to different traditions and deities, these kinds of events make the difference. Weddings are really beautiful and full of rituals, a lot of respect is shown for the union of two people and wedding celebrations can take days.

Everybody knows Indian food, matter of fact it is a very international cuisine that can be found in big cities in almost every western and Asian country, this food enjoys both, variety and quality and due to many factors, such as cooking traditions and ingredients India is the best place to try it.

Cuisine is a never-ending experience, and when you visit a different region/city in India the experience is completely new. Indian food has gone through different important stages in time, including fusions with other types of food such as Chinese food giving way to what is known as "Chindian".

Vegetarian food is really diverse and very common throughout the country since many Indians are vegetarians, 50% of menus in restaurants have vegetarian options and because of the variety of dishes not even a meet-lover would get bored of vegetables.

Shopping in India is a pleasure, not only because a lot of beautiful things are sold at reasonable prices but because many things are carefully designed, pottery, jewelry and many other souvenir-type products are very popular in the country. No need to mention economy in India is one of the most fast-growing economies in the world, and job opportunities keep growing throughout the country. Some of the most respected sectors in India are banking and Trading, entertainment is another important sector that moves millions of dollars a year, especially in the movie sector.

As in any other developing country salaries are not high for regular people, but the cost of living is incredibly much cheaper compared to the cost of living in European countries and North America. A factor to consider is that the more you get away from big cities the cheaper things are and the less modernity you find. If your job offers a good salary you will find your money to stretch in unbelievable ways.