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As a student who is about to move to India and get yourself a place there are many factors to consider:

Sharing a place is much cheaper than living on your own and the homesick feeling is much easier to handle when you have someone near you. In case you choose to live with someone else it is important to decide who this person will be, you need to look for someone responsible since the risk of accidents in a shared house are much higher than the risk when living alone.

As a student who moves for the first time to India, there is a high possibility you will make mistakes during the process so rely on other students' experiences in order to make it easier for yourself.

The most common option when sharing with other students is the accommodation offered by the school/college where you will study, accommodation can be:

Halls of residence, where many students live together, and you can get yourself either a single bedroom or a shared bedroom, bedrooms are usually shared by no more than two students. Good thing about this type of accommodation is that facilities are included, so you can use the common areas.

Meals should be included on the fee and the menu may be local.

Self-catering halls are other interesting option for students, they are very similar to Halls of residence with the one difference that meals are not included, so you can cook your meals, they are also cheaper than Halls of Residence. If you are traveling with your family you can get private self-catering apartments. Good thing about this option is that accommodation is more private and you can choose what to eat.

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