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If have rented a house or flat before you know how complicated and annoying certain details can be like. India is a country in which finding apartments is not an easy task and finding the one you want is even more complicated, so getting a place and then giving up so you can look for something that meets your needs better may not be a good idea. Herewith some tips that will help you choose the place:

Define if the location of the house, that is the first step. Remember that it is partly about the area, you may want to live in a good safe area, but it is also about distance. If you or/and your family have important places to go to make sure the location of the place you want to rent is convenient for everybody.

The best way to define the location is by talking to everybody who will live with you, so they can all give their opinions. Remember to consider important places that should not be too far from your home (hospitals, police stations, etc.).

Stick to your budget: Remember that a bigger house/flat means extra cost. Make your budget and then define what you can get for it, you will find houses that are bigger but if your budge cannot afford it do not take it as an option.

Start looking for your place, but do not do it without getting help first: Tell your friends and whoever can help you out with that, maybe colleagues at work, whoever is local will definitely help you out with that. An ad in a local newspaper or a specific website will be very handy.

Once you start getting calls, or making calls make a list of the possibilities that are available and give priority to the best 5 options, they will be the ones you will visit first. Keep notes on every detail and highlight of the house and surroundings.

It is difficult to find what you are looking for, especially when it comes to accommodation in India, so be patient, keep trying and re checking your list. Remember that your family can also help you, and if you cannot make up your mind your family can help you by telling you what they want and prefer out of the listed options.

Once you find the place you will have to sign the contract, make sure you understand all the terms (they should be in English language, otherwise get a translator to help you), you can ask for a photocopy of the contract and revise it carefully. Payment methods are important too, in case you need to leave a deposit for the house/flat you need to make sure of the amount and when it will be refund, make sure it is all included in the contract. Make a list of everything that is not in good condition in the house before you sign the contract so you are not held responsible for such damage.

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