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Shared flats

Money is important when it comes to accommodation and one´s budget has to be respected. To share an entire apartment with other students can be a very good way to have your "own" place, facilities, common areas and a private bedroom for an affordable price.

This option can be particularly good when living in a big city, where things are more expensive and single accommodation would mean to pay as much as you would pay when sharing an entire place.


A hostel is fun, but not comfortable after some time, as privacy and a place to put your stuff is required, but as a first option it is perfect. Many people choose to stay at hostels for the first week, or two weeks while they figure out where they should move and get a clear idea of how much accommodation will be in the city they are staying.

You can save money while staying at a hostel, as kitchen facilities are always provided, you can also get to know many people that will help you deal with the change, and if coordinated with reception you can post and ad to let other backpackers know you are staying in town and that whoever is interested in staying too can contact you.

Rented Room

This is an interesting option when you want to get to know the culture from a closer perspective. Renting a room in a house will make you interact with the family that lives there and there may be options for including meals in the fee. This is less private and independent as you have to respect local customs.


An independent place that is rented for people in general, they may be locals most of the time and not necessarily students. This is very independent but it may feel lonely for some people. People have to clean their own place and meals will not be included, there will not be kitchen facilities most of the time.

The good thing about this option is that it is independent and it is cheaper than renting a room.

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