Learning English in India

Learning English in India

About 90 000 000 people in India speak English, around a quarter of India population speak English as a foreign language, being mostly families that are part of the Anglo-Indian community that speak English even at home. It is because of the important influence of the British Colony and of English language in trading and economy that many dialects based on English developed in the area as well as what is known as Indian English.

In case you are traveling to India the easiest way to communicate will be through this language.

Though English as a very important role in India in many areas, such as Tourism and Commerce it has a status of Assistant Language in the country rather than official. English may be considered the second most commonly used language in India. It is common to mix both languages or to simply speak English, in case two people with different official Indian languages start a conversation it is very probable they will choose English as a neutral language.

The main idea was to give English the official status of Assistant language only for 15 years from the date of Independence, and English is still spoken in the country and has a high importance. English and Education in India are linked, and the best schools as well as universities use that language as the first language. This is changing since every year more and more schools and universities adopt Indian languages.

English spoken in India is not the same as English from the UK, just like Australians, Americans and New Zealanders, Indians have their own English style.

English is, together with Hindi, the social language in the country, this is because there are some many different languages in India that by the time people from different backgrounds want to communicate they will have to choose Hindi and in case one of them do not speak the language English will be next on the list.

The language is also common in the media, having many newspapers printed in English language plus many news channel that broadcast in English.

Why learn English in India

One of the best way to learn English is studying it at the country where all the people speak English. Not only because normally a native teacher is who teaches you but besides, during your free time, you have opportunity to practice all that you have learned at classroom that day. The journeys of idioms are not advisable for those that they have not ever studied the English, he is advised to have something of knowledge of the same. There are a lot of different forms to study.

English Courses

In order to get started, many people choose to enroll in a English language course. Between local universities offering language programs and specific language schools, there are many different options on offer.
Courses are conducted almost exclusively in English, even for beginners, which should help you become accustomed to English sounds and pronunciation.

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