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A lot of people choose to move and work in India because of the cultural and living experience the country has to offer. Nowadays many people from Europe and the US live in India understanding the yearly income is not and may never be as high as the income possibilities a European country has to offer, however they do not move to India because of the money but because of the personal development.

It is true that people do not make much money in India unless they are being sent there by a company they already work for in their countries, but it is also true that taxes and things in general are very cheap, so it is possible to live comfortably.

Keep in mind that there are many things to factor in when deciding to work in India, your immigration situation is something you have to work on, and it is always recommended to look for a job before travelling to India so you do not spend much time and money searching for a job there.

These are some helpful websites in which you can look for a job:

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