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Media in India is growing at a fast pace, the movie industry is a powerful one in Asia and in the world, television, radio and newspapers enjoy more freedom than in the past and per-per-view Indian channels are proving to be as good as any other channel in the Asian market. Internet is also a constantly-growing field in the country.

The government may use Media to manage perception of the population over certain topics just like most developing countries do but it is a fact that the government understands the efficiency of Media to educate people from both, developed cities and urban areas.

Important Indian Media:

Television is a major industry in the country that manages millions of dollars a year and has thousands of programs on the air in all different states of India. This industry has different national stars and very popular soap operas...  read more

Radio broadcasting in India had its beginning in 1927 and it became public in 1930 under the government control.

India has one of the largest networks on the planet, called All India Radio, and which official name is AKASHVANI...  read more

Printed Media had its start long ago and it was in 1780 when India had its first major newspaper called The Bengal Gazette, which was quickly followed by another newspaper called the Bombay Herald, during this time many different newspapers were printed...  read more

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