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Printed Media had its start long ago and it was in 1780 when India had its first major newspaper called The Bengal Gazette, which was quickly followed by another newspaper called the Bombay Herald, during this time many different newspapers were printed.

With 150 major newspapers in circulation, India enjoys a very independent printed media sector. There are over 5 000 newspaper in circulation and due to the variety of languages in the country publications are made in almost 100 languages. Periodicals (publications of general interest) are printed in a large scale, with more than 40 000 of them in circulation.

The most important and popular newspapers in the country are:

The Economic Times that leads the business sector and deals with different topics such as Economy, Companies, Stock and Finances. It is an interesting newspaper not only for dealing with business and economy topics but for the way it manages such topics.

The Times of India that has been in circulation for a long time making it one of the favorite ones for the population in India. This newspaper is very entertaining and deals with different topics of interest such as Economy, Sports, Games, Technology, Society and many more.

India Express deals with different topics that include general interest and Finances, this newspaper is also one of the favorite ones in India.

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