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Radio broadcasting in India had its beginning in 1927 and it became public in 1930 under the government control.

India has one of the largest networks on the planet, called All India Radio, and which official name is AKASHVANI. This broadcasting network is the official one in India.

Some of the main radio stations in the capital city, Delhi are:

AIR FM Rainbow

AIR FM Rainbow AIR FM Rainbow is a group of FM radio channels across India and it is run by All India Radio (AIR), a government owned enterprise.
It features Hindi and regional language songs, while also playing English music and providing hourly news in English, regional language and/or Hindi.

It operates on 107.1 Megahertz in Mumbai, on 102.6 Megahertz in Delhi and on 107.0 Megahertz in Kolkata.

Website: AIR FM Rainbow

Fever 104

Fever 104
Fever 104 is an FM radio station in India. It is available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata.

Fever 104 FM is widely recognized as a popular channel for youth. With brand values such as Bonding, Urbane, Witty and Innovative, Fever reinforces the fresh youth culture across the nation through its work and communication.

Website: Fever 104

Radio One

Radio One
It was launched on June 8, 2006 in Mumbai before going national in six more cities. It is a joint venture between Midday Multimedia and BBC Worldwide and operates in seven metro areas, namely Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune and Ahmadabad.

The station broadcasts at 94.3 MHz in all cities except in Ahmadabad where it broadcasts on 95.0 MHz.

Website: Radio One


RED is an Indian FM radio brand, with stations broadcasting at 93.5 megahertz in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Kanpur.

It was launched in 2002, playing a mix of Hindi and English songs. However, the programming is now 100% exclusively Hindi.

Website: RED


BIG FM BIG FM is a nationwide private radio station.

Its slogan is "Suno Sunao, Life Banao"

It broadcasts at 92.7 MHz (92.7 FM).

Website: BIG FM

Radio City

Radio City Radio City started its operations in India in July, 2001 in Bangalore. It broadcasts on 91.1 megahertz in 20 Cities across India in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Vadodara, Surat, Sholapur, Nagpur, Sangli, Coimbatore, Vizag, Ahmednagar, Akola, Nanded and Jalgaon. It plays Hindi songs, English and regional songs.

Website: Radio City

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