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Television is a major industry in the country that manages millions of dollars a year and has thousands of programs on the air in all different states of India. This industry has different national stars and very popular soap operas.

Around 40% of population in India enjoys cable TV in their homes, and over 50% of the population has at least one TV set in their homes, which means that it is the rural population that do not always enjoy television. In the overall, India has more than five hundred channels in different languages transmitting all over the country.

Some of the most important TV channels in the country are:

Doordarshan Television

Doordarshan Television Doordarshan Television launched its international channel on 14th March, 1995.
Doordarshan Television's mission is "to build bridges of communication with Indians living abroad and to showcase the real India, its culture, its values, its traditions, its modernity, its diversity, its unity, its agony and its ecstasy to the entire world through programmes of high quality, that will inform, educate and entertain people in the highest traditions of public service broadcasting."

Website: Doordarshan Television


Zee TV was founded by Subhash Chandra and was launched in India in October 1992, becoming the first Hindi satellite channel.
Zee TVs programming delivers a variety of choices for all segments of the audience, including primetime drama series, television movies, theatrical films, specials and daytime dramas.
The popularity of Zee arises from its understanding of Indian culture and beliefs which are depicted on its programming.

Website: ZeeTV


Start TV
Today STAR Broadcasting Corporation broadcasts over 60 services in 13 languages. Shows include entertainment, sports, movies, music, news and documentaries.

Website: STAR TV

Sony Entertainment TV

Sony Entertainment TV
Sony Entertaiment Television, commonly known as Sony TV, is one of India's leading Hindi general entertainment television channels.
The programming covers genres including drama, reality, comedy, horror, Bollywood, and live events.

Website: Sony Entertainment TV


AAJ Tak was launched in December 2000 as a 24-Hour Hindi news channel. Its unique style of passionate story telling and live coverage has become its hallmark.
AAJ Tak is one of India's largest privately owned news channels.
Its slogan is "Sabse Tez" which means "The Fastest"

Website: AAJ Tak

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