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Moving to India can be very difficult if you are not careful with certain important details, herewith some useful info:

Make sure you have the right immigration status, remember that some visas can be extended while some cannot. And in case you are planning to stay for over 180 days you will have to register in a Foreigners Regional Registration Office.

Your health condition is very important too: if you have a condition and/or required certain medicines make sure you have all the required prescriptions in order to get them at your nearest drugstore in India.

India has many requirements when it comes to Inoculations, so make sure you understand this and fulfill all the requirements and get all the certifications that will prove you have successfully gotten all inoculations the country asks for.

Your embassy/consulate in India will be more than happy if you register so you can be contacted in case of an emergency and in case of special events that sometimes take place. Remember that it is important for you to have as many friends as possible and the Embassy can be a great help in case you have an accident/problem.

India is very different from Western cultures in many ways, make sure you have a basic knowledge of the customs in the country and most particularly the city where you are going to live. For example: Did you know that in some cities the minimum age for drinking is 25 years old and that in some places drinking is banned completely unless you have a especial drinking permit? Or that in some cities women are not allowed to wear jeans? Or that sometimes, shaking hands with the opposite sex can be banned?

Understanding some basic customs will help you get through difficult situations and make friends more easily.

If you are renting a place by yourself make sure you are using a real state agency in order to avoid informality and/or any legal problems. A real state agency can handle costs in a better way than the new person in town would.

During your first weeks in India make sure you know what you are eating, and take it easy, it takes time for our bodies to get used to new food and drinks, new temperatures and in general your body and mind will be under stress because of the change. Remember that Indian food is particularly hot and that may upset your stomach during the first days in the country.

"When in Rome do as the Romans Do" everybody bargains in India so do not hesitate to do it yourself, unless a price in a place in particular is already set (e.g.: supermarkets, restaurants, hotels) be ready to bargain and show your business skills.

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