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Transportation in India is not integrated and it can be confusing for foreigners. In general transportation is cheap throughout the country and the main difficulty you will encounter is to direct yourself from place to place and to choose the best means of transport to get to your destiny.

In general, when taking a taxi, or a motor rickshaw it is a rule to set the cost before getting the service, as they may try to charge you as much as they can, you can bargain the price and in case the driver does not look like charging you a decent price do not fear to step away and wait for the next driver to charge you the right price.

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Do not hitch if you are a woman or if you are by yourself. If you do so out of urgency make sure you know how much the driver will charge you for the ride (they will always charge you).

To hitch in some rural areas of the country you will need to speak some basic Hindi as many people from rural areas do not speak English.


If you are up to driving your own car in India make sure the place where you are moving to, does not have a heavy traffic as this may be an inconvenience. Hiring a car is always an option as the cost for hiring both, car and chauffeur is not that high. In case you are going on a tour with some friends hiring a car can be a really good idea as splitting the total cost among many people can be cheap.

Chauffeurs are very helpful, as they know streets and traffic pretty well but in case you are renting a car to do your own driving you can try Hertz or Budget rent a car. An international driving permit is always required so do not forget yours.
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Motorcycles are popular and cheap in the country, you can buy one for very affordable prices, but make sure to buy it in a renowned place that offers a decent insurance.

If you want to rent one go for the Japanese ones that are bigger, though more expensive. Some form of guarantee will be required upon rental, usually a passport or plane ticket (if on vacation). Some people will require money as a deposit.

The third part cover is very important whether you rent or buy a motorcycle, law can be very hard on you if you have an accident that involves other people such as pedestrians. If you are buying a bike try the comprehensive insurance that will cover other people as well as your own motorcycle.


A bus is a very cheap way to travel through the city and to some rural areas. Buses can be very dangerous when traveling to other cities or far away areas so be careful and always choose the safe option. If you are going on a long bus trip keep in mind that buses have to stop so you can get a snack and use the toilets.

Long trips by bus at night are especially dangerous, so avoid them and if you plan to take buses to different cities during high season it is better to reserve ahead of time.

Be careful with drivers, as they do not respect speed limits and traffic signs in their eager to pick up a lot of passengers and thus make as much money as possible. It is better to use the public buses and avoid private companies.

To be careful with your luggage at all times is mandatory when traveling by bus, especially when they tie your luggage to the roof racks, make sure it is tied properly or your bags will fly on the road.

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In case you are taking a train, remember that safety must not be taken for granted as you can get drugged and robbed. Be always careful with your objects. Also be careful during festivals since train stations get packed and numerous accidents have been reported.

Train tickets are affordable and the service is definitely better than the one some buses offer. If you are traveling long distances think of trains as the best option for many destinations especially if you have to travel overnight.

Check for meal services, which are usually included in the upper classes and for baggage reclaim times so you know your bags will be available upon arrival.

Go to and get more info on timetables and costs.