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Italy Visa Information
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Learning Italian
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Italian Companies
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MBA Schools in Italy
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Italian Economy
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Jobs in Italy
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Accommodation in Italy
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Why choose Italy?

Italy is an extraordinary and modern country home of many World Heritage Sites and other interesting stuff. There you will never get bored. Italy is also home of the Vatican City, the seat of the Pope. The deep Roma Catholic roots are shown in many holy festivals, carnivals and parades.

Italy's economy has grown in the last years and many Northern regions are, per capita, amongst the richest in Europe. The main economic sectors are fashion, tourism, motor vehicles and food. On the other hand, unemployment rate is high and the underground black market is the principal place where many people find job.

Italians are really friendly, but they are different from the stereotype that we saw in many movies about Italy (pizza, mandolino and parties). So, you have to be very careful and try to not offend them. An important thing that you have to try in Italy is the food. Italian cuisine is one of the most refined in Europe, especially pastas, pesto dishes and risotto dishes. It is really yummy!

Many Italian cities as Venice, Florence, Siena and Naples have their own unique identity and architecture where you can find romantic medieval hill towns, fishing villages, vineyards, museums and many cultural events. The perfect combination of art, history and contemporary fashion, make of Italy one of the most beautiful and visited European countries.

Benvenuti in Italia!