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All cities and large towns in Italy have at least one clinic or hospital, indicated by the international sign of a white H on a blue background. If you need to be hospitalized, you will need to produce your doctor's referral and, if you qualify for state health cover, it will be free.

Hospital services include:
  • Emergency hospitalization
  • Scheduled or ordinary hospitalization when proposed by a general practitioner and agreed by a hospital doctor
  • Day hospital and day surgery, when scheduled by a hospital doctor
  • Specialist services, at the request of general practitioners or pediatricians.
In private clinics and hospitals, accommodation is generally of luxury hotel standard but the cost of hospitalization can be extremely high.

  • San Raffaele Hospital
    Fondazione San Raffaele del Monte Tabor, Milan
    Telf.: 02 26 431

  • Agostino Gemelli University Polyclinic
    Largo Agostino Gemelli 8, Roma
    Telf.: 06 30 151

  • San Giovanni di Dio Hospital
    Borgo Ognissanti 20, Florence
    Telf.: 39-55-218839

  • Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri - Clinica del Lavoro e della Riabilitazione
    Via Salvatore Maugeri 4, Pavia
    Telf.: 0382/592504

  • Careggi Hospital
    Viale Pieraccini 17, Florence

  • Casa Solievo della Sofferenza hospital
    71013 San Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia
    Telf.: 39 0882 4101

  • Gavazzeni Clinic
    Via Mauro Gavazzeni 21, Bergamo
    Telf.: 035 4204111

  • Trusso Clinic
    C. Umberto I 23 Ottaviano, Naples
    Telf.: 081 8278263

  • Cisanello Hospital
    Via Paradisa 2, Pisa

  • Fatebenefratelli Hospital
    AFaR Via San Vittore 12, Milan

  • Dolo hospital

  • Giugliano hospital

  • Molinette Hospital

  • G.A.F.I. Clinic
    Alberobello, Bari

  • LARS Clinic

  • Meta Health Club Clinic

  • Bonomo Hospital
    Andrea, Bari

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