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If you work in Italy, your employer will pay your health insurance for you. All you need to do is to go to your nearest local health authority (ASL) and register with a doctor with the health convention. Once you are registered, you will receive a health number and health card and all visits to your family doctor will be free. Some 10% of the Italian population has health insurance that is provided as part of employment contracts.

Many Italians and foreigners in Italy prefer to take out private health insurance over the basic state cover. Sometimes, with the national health system, a person has to wait for a specialist appointment for a very long time. On the other hand, with private insurance, you are free to choose any doctor or specialist and be treated in private hospitals.

Health insurance for EU citizen: If you are an EU citizen, you can take advantage of reciprocal health agreements. Before arriving, you should apply for a certificate of entitlement for treatment with the form E111.

Health insurance For Non-EU citizen: If you are a non-EU citizen visiting Italy, you will need to have private insurance cover, which must be valid for the duration of your staying. Note that in Italy you will be required to pay in full for any medical treatment first before making a claim via your travel insurance company.

In Italy, many local companies offer health insurance. Alternatively an individual can research the international private health insurance companies. Health insurance Companies usually have a "nuclear" family policy offering substantial discounts. If you are unable to work for a time, most polices include optional cover for loss of earnings.

In private hospitals, accommodation is very good (rooms are air-conditioned, have en-suite bathrooms and extra beds for relatives) and visiting hours are usually unrestricted. However, the quality of medical care is likely to be the same as in public hospitals; the treatment in private hospitals in Italy can be very costly.

Companies of Private Health Insurance

Assicurazioni Generali

Assicurazioni Generali Is an insurance company based in Trieste, Italy. Being the fourth largest insurer in the world and the third largest in Europe, Assicurazioni Generali is one of the most significant participants in the global insurance and financial products market. It is present in 40 Countries. Assicurazioni Generali has strengthened its position in Western Europe with significant market shares in Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Switzerland and Israel.

Website: Assicurazioni Generali

Europ Asistance Italia

Europ Asistance Italia Europ Asistance offers health insurance, beginning of informative services on pathologies, diagnoses and vaccinations, to arrive to medical generic and specialized consultancies. It also offers the service of "Second Opinion" with the probability of receiving a specialized diagnose by an international net of doctors of high level.

Website: Europ Asistance Italia

Filo Diretto

Filo Diretto Filo diretto offers a vast range of possibilities to those who require a health insurance policy. As well as refunding medical expenses and paying an indemnity in the case of illness or accident, the Filo diretto Group also offers innovative insurance services that make it truly unique as Permanent medical service and assistance anywhere in the world.

Website: Filo Diretto

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