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Residents in Italy and anyone working in Italy and paying taxes locally are eligible for the national health care scheme. To get the benefits of this national scheme it is necessary to get your Medical Care Card (Libretto Sanitario), that proves you are eligible for free health care in Italy.

To obtain this you will need:
  • Valid Passport
  • Residence permit
  • Family status certificate if you wish to register a spouse or children as well (this certificate can be obtained from the nearest town hall)
  • "Codice fiscale” which can be obtained from the nearest tax office.

You must go to the local administrative offices of the Local Health Units (ASL: Aziende Sanitarie Locali) in the place of residency or domicile, presenting the documents listed above, and you'll be given the health care card which is generally valid for one year and must be renewed annually; if you lose your card or change your address, you must apply for a replacement. For the renewed card and replacement, you have to go to the nearest local health authority (ASL).

When you register, you get to choose your "official" doctor from a list of doctors in your area. This is the doctor that the Italian Health System will expect you to go to for anything and everything.

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