Learning Italian in Italy

Learning Italian in Italy

We can find many beautiful languages derived from Latin, such as Spanish, Portuguese and French, Italian is one of those languages and it is much respected for its beautiful sound. Italian is very similar to Spanish in both, writing and pronunciation.

To learn a new language does not only mean to have better job opportunities or to have different job options available, it also means to expand your general culture, to learn much more, have access to more information and to be able to travel to other places where your language skills can be used and improved. To learn Italian offers those very benefits.

Most people believe Italian is spoken only in Italy, when matter of fact there are many countries that use it as an official language, these countries/States are:
  • Switzerland
  • Istria county (Croatia)
  • Slovenia
  • Somalia (as a regional language)
  • San Marino
  • Vatican

An interesting fact is that Italian has a particular importance in Australia: It is the second most spoken language in the country.

To learn Italian can be a good decision if you pay attention to the following details:

Italy ranks number 7 in the global market for Brit exports, and it is supplied by important countries such as France, Germany and the UK. Italy is positioned as one of the top ten Global Economies, and it is itself an industrial democracy.

Italian has been catalogued for what is known as the "language of arts and gastronomy", it is also considered a very fashionable language, kind of a "chic" language. It is a cultural language as well, that used to be very important in Europe through certain times. If you have Italian blood to learn Italian can help you be close to your own roots.

Italy is certainly one of the best destinations in the world, with some perfectly preserved Roman town, some of the best architectural samples to have ever been built, arts, history and beautiful landscapes, some of the best food on the planet, no need to say learning the language can help you a lot get along with the country, its people and to make a lot of friends.

There is a big difference between sticking to your friends and tour guide when traveling and meeting locals and exchanging experiences and points of view, Italians are famous for their friendliness so you will have plenty of chances to have a nice conversation with them. You can get a great experience of Italian in the Italian speaking part in Switzerland.

If you want to learn Italian the best place to do it is Italy, the country offers different courses that can be taken at universities or at specific Italian schools. Teachers speak nothing but Italian and this together with a continuous contact with locals will help you learn the language in the best possible way.

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