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In Italy, the communications system is supervised or owned by the government. Ever since the 19th century, newspapers have been founded as political organs, rather than business ventures, a heritage which still affects the Italian papers of today.

The Italian television system is prosperous, with healthy advertising revenues and massive television production. The duopoly of RAI and Mediaset badly affects the diversity of programming and plurality of expression on Italian broadcasting.

The radio sector in Italy has a similar structure to that of television. RAI is the main public broadcasting company, it runs three AM/FM nationwide channels; in general the RAI channels have more than 50 per cent of the national audience. The remaining 50 per cent is shared by the 14 commercial networks in Italy.

Journalistic level in Italy is high. The greatest part of newspapers, are published in northern and central Italy. Rome and Milan are the most important publication centers. Italy does not have tabloid daily newspapers. This is mainly due to the existence of a successful weekly press of genuine popular character.

Football is by far the most popular sport among Italians, occupying without a doubt a major place in Italian culture. The sport newspapers are the daily cult for Italian football enthusiasts and are almost entirely devoted to league-level football matches.

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