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La Gazzetta dello Sport

La Gazzetta dello Sport La Gazzetta dello Sport (“The Gazette of the Sport”) is a newspaper dedicated to coverage of various sports. The newspaper, published on distinctive pink paper, sells over 400,000 copies daily (more on Mondays when readers want to catch up on the weekend's events), and can claim a readership in excess of three million. A sports magazine, Sportweek, is sold with the newspaper on Saturdays.

Website: La Gazzetta dello Sport


Tuttosport Tuttosport is an Italian national sports newspaper based in Turin which has been published since 30 July 1945. Typical issues have 28 or 32 pages and are produced in four editions, targeted respectively at Turin, Rome, Milan and Genoa. This newspaper is directed by Giancarlo Padovan.

Website: Tuttosport

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