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Media Set

Media Set Mediaset is an Italian commercial television network. The network was founded by Silvio Berlusconi, but today it is controlled by his family through Fininvest which has as major shareholder Silvio Berlusconi himself. Many of its studios are located in Milano 2, the area of Milan that first started showing TeleMilano.

Website: Mediaset

Canale 5

Canale 5 Canale 5 is an Italian television station of Mediaset network. Canale 5 has been the first private television network to be founded in Italy in the year 1978 as TeleMilano 58 (it changed its name in 1980). Much of the earliest content came from American televisions shows dubbed over in Italian, a common trait in most Italian television today.

Website: Canale 5

La 7

La 7 La7 is a private television channel (usually referred to as "the Seventh Channel") and considered as the third major network in Italy. Usually its programs are more cultural-oriented, although it also airs some sport games.

Website: La 7


RAI RAI (RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana) is the Italian public service broadcaster. RAI broadcasts three main terrestrial channels. Rai Uno is the main channel, and targets the family market. Rai Due has in recent years lacked clear focus, but now attempts to focus on a slightly younger audience than RaiUno. Rai Tre is the ‘alternative’ channel, with a definite public service remit.

Website: RAI

Televisions in Italy

Televisions in Italy Directory of televisions in Italy. Listing televisions in Italy. MediaOnline is a directory of newspapers, radios, televisions and blogs from all over the world.

Website: Italy Televisions

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