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In the last years, the mortgage market in Italy has grown significantly, although it is not as well populated as it is in the UK. So, the competition in the market is fewer and the fees are higher.

In Italy you can obtain mortgages for the purchase of brand new or existing properties; mortgages are normally available for up to 80% of the purchase price. This means you’ll need to find a 20% deposit. Furthermore, self certification mortgages in Italy are not normally available.

Italian Mortgages are available over 5-30 Years and lenders will not normally take into account rental income when calculating an applicants level of borrowing. Borrowing limits are typically based on 30 percent of your monthly income.

Mortgage Companies

Mortgages UK If you need finance to purchase a property in Italy, then can help, they have a team of licensed credit rokers, who have over 20 years experience. Based upon the valuation or purchase price you could be granted a loan for up to 80% of the value of your Italian property, for purchases (or re-mortgages; for home improvements).

Website: Mortgages UK

Property Showrooms

Property Showrooms Property and International Property Investment Network (IPIN) help you to prepare for the mortgage application. They also offer a property search that will help you to find your ideal property.

Website: Property


MutuiOnline MutuiOnline is the largest mortgage broker in Italy, with more than 400 closed mortgages per month. Its mission is to help consumers to select and negotiate the most suitable mortgage at the best available terms and conditions.

Website: MutuiOnline

Mortgages Guide

Mortgages Guide A mortgage represents a loan or lien on a property/house that has to be paid over a specified period of time. Think of it as your personal guarantee that you'll repay the money you've borrowed to buy your home. Mortgages come in many different shapes and sizes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you select the mortgage that is right for you, your future plans, and your financial picture.

Website: Mortgages

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