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In almost every country, making an international phone call is expensive and Italy is not the exception. The national Italian telephone company "Telecom Italia" provides the land line telephone service, trying to offer non-discriminatory rates. However, depending on the country you want to call, rates can be really expensive. Fortunately, you can make cheap international calls with prepaid phone cards or by using an internet phone service.


In Italy, you can make direct dial phone calls from any phone. But, it is advisable to make international calls from a public phone because hotels charge a high rate for direct dial....

Prepaid phone cards in Italy (carte telefoniche) are inexpensive and they are the best option for telephone use (you can have up to 70% in saving). Other good advantage is that prepaid phone cards have ...

Nowadays, technology has advanced a lot and to make a phone call using internet is a piece of cake. Many companies offer this service, but you should take into account that it is necessary to have a computer...

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