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In Italy, you can make direct dial phone calls from all phones; you can find a telephone in almost every bar, store, hotel or gas station. But, it is advisable to make international calls from a public phone because hotels charge a high rate for direct dial.

Usually, calls dialed directly are billed on the basis of the call’s duration only, a reduce rate is applied from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. on Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday.

To make a direct dial phone call from a private or public phone from Italy, you simply dial:

  1. The international code (00)
  2. The country code
  3. The area code
  4. Finally, the phone number

There is also a service called “Country direct”, available in public and private phones, that allows the person call the country he/she wants to speak with assistance in his/her native language. To use this service just dial 172 and the access code indicating the country.

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