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Chugai Ro Co., Ltd.

Chugai Ro Co., Ltd. Since its origin in 1945 Chugai Ro Co., Ltd. has been a technology-driven company, continuing to develop innovative technologies in the thermotec field. Its principal activities are the design, manufacture and construction of industrial furnaces for steel mills and other heat-related engineering products. The Group is also involved in the manufacture of intelligent burner control system, regenerative burners and air heaters.

Website: Chugai Ro Co., Ltd.

Daimei Telecom Engineering Corporation

Daimei Telecom Engineering Corporation In order to support the building of an information infrastructure and contribute to the advance of a ubiquitous society, Daimei Telecom Engineering Corp. will establish a brand truly worthy of gaining customers’ trust. It will be based on our basic policies regarding occupational safety and health, quality control, environmental concerns, and information security. At the same time, we will strive to become a leading 21st century information and distribution constructor.

Website: Daimei Telecom Engineering Corporation

Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd.

Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd. Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd. Was founded in June 20, 1974, the main office is placed in 2-16-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8211 Japan TEL: +813-6718-9111, the activities of this company are: Design and Construction of apartments, condominiums, rental office buildings, factories and warehouses and tenant recruiting, building maintenance, contracting arrangements.

Website: Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd.

Daiwa House Industries Co.

Daiwa House Industries Co. Ever since its foundation, approximately 50 years ago, the Daiwa House Group has widened from its core business as a maker of housing to cover the construction of commercial services and the operation of resort hotels, and home centers, as well as distribution services. Thus, the Group has become a multi-business enterprise that improves people's lifestyles.

Website: Daiwa House Industries Co.

Fudo Construction Co.

Fudo Construction Co. Fudo Construction Co. is a Japanese construction company focused on the design and implementation of large-scale projects including airports, bridges and treatment plants. The official site includes company information as well as completed project details and information on technology developed by the company.

Website: Fudo Construction Co.

Hazama Corporation

Hazama Corporation Hazama is the major Japanese construction firm with capabilities in large building and infrastructure projects. The company was involved in the construction of Malaysia's Petronas Towers. Today, Hazama Corporation marks more than 110 years of growth as one of Japan's leading construction companies. Established in 1889 with a mandate to contribute to society through its construction-related business activities, Hazama has evolved into a global-scale, total engineering constructor.

Website: Hazama Corporation

Kajima Corp.

Kajima Corp. Kajima Corporation was founded in 1840 and quickly grew to become an industry leader in the field of construction, where it has remained as such ever since. Headquartered in Tokyo, Kajima Corporation maintains an approximate workforce of 11,000 employees located at its 11 branch and numerous sales/project offices throughout Japan.

Website: Kajima Corp.

Kyowa Exeo Corp.

Kyowa Exeo Corp. Exeo is a Japanese construction company. The company specializes in project planning, design and development in several fields. The official site includes corporate information, details on projects and a list of the company's main clients.

Website: Kyowa Exeo Corp.

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