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ĈON Co., Ltd.

ĈON Co., Ltd. ĈON Co., Ltd. commonly written AEON Co., Ltd., is the holding company of ĈON Group. It operates JUSCO supermarkets directly in Japan. ĈON is the largest retailer in Asia. ĈON is a multi-faceted retail network comprising 129 consolidated subsidiaries and 26 equity-method affiliated companies ranging from convenience stores "Ministop" and supermarkets to shopping malls and specialty stores, including Talbots. ĈON is Japan's single-largest shopping mall developer and operator.

Website: ĈON Co., Ltd.

Mycal Corporation

Mycal Corporation Mycal Corporation. The principal activities of the Group are divided into three business sectors: retail operations (superstores, wholesale, department stores and specialty retailers); service operations (building maintenance, sports facilities, restaurants and consumer finance); real estate (store development and store leasing). Retail operations accounted for 87% of fiscal 2001 revenues; services, 11% and real estate development, 2%.

Website: Mycal Corporation

The Daiei, Inc.

The Daiei, Inc. The Daiei, Inc., based in Kobe, is Japan's largest supermarket chain. In 1957 Isao Nakauchi founded in Osaka. Daiei is now under a restructuring process supported by a quasi-governmental bailout organization, the Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan ("IRCJ"). Daiei's current CEO is Fumiko Hayashi, former CEO of BMW Tokyo, and COO is Toru Nishimi, former an operating officer of Marubeni Corporation. Daiei Inc. currently runs more than 3,000 stores under the Daiei name as well as through its subsidiaries.

Website: The Daiei, Inc.


Ito-Yokado Ito-Yokado is a Japanese General Merchandise Store, part of SEVEN & i Holdings. The group has expanded to China, where they formed a joint venture with Wangfujing Department Store and China Huafu Trade & Development Group Corp. to open one of five stores in Beijing.

Website: Ito-Yokado

Kansai Super

Kansai Super Kansai Super is a supermarket chain named for the Kansai region of Japan where its stores are located. Its logo is a bird in the shape of a K. According to the Kansai Super web site, as of December 2005 there are currently 52 stores: ten stores within Kobe city, fifteen in the greater Hanshin area, eight in the northern part of Osaka, fourteen within Osaka city, three in eastern Osaka, and two in southern Osaka.

Website: Kansai Super

Seiyu Group

Seiyu Group Seiyu Group is a Japanese operator of supermarkets, shopping centers, and department stores. It is also the second-largest retailer in the world in terms of stores owned, but ranks much lower by sales. In addition to its Japanese operations, Seiyu also has department stores operating under its name in Singapore and Hong Kong. The group used to directly operate its Singapore and Hong Kong stores, but in October 2005 its three Singapore stores were sold to CapitaLand Limited,which transferred them to Beijing Hualian Group later the same year. The group's Hong Kong store in New Town Plaza, Sha Tin was sold to Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited in June 2005, but like the stores in Singapore it continues to operate under the Seiyu name.

Website: Seiyu Group

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