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Inpex Corporation

Inpex Corporation The mission of Inpex Corporation is to secure a stable and efficient supply of oil and natural gas for Japan, a nation poor in energy resources. Inpex Corporation was established in 1966 as a pioneering Japanese company to promote the development of oil resources in an international context. Over the course of its history, Inpex Corporation have overcome many difficulties, and since 1970, Inpex Corporation have discovered a number of large oil and gas fields in Indonesia.

Website: Inpex Corporation

Japan Drilling Co., Ltd.

Japan Drilling Co., Ltd. JDC was established in 1968 as a sole offshore drilling contractor in Japan and has expanded its drilling operations for oil and natural gas in a wide variety of offshore markets ranging from Asia and Oceania to the Middle East and West Africa. In addition to serving its customers as an international drilling contractor, JDC has been providing engineering services related to research and development in oil and gas drilling/exploration as well as methane hydrate development.

Website: Japan Drilling Co., Ltd.

Teikoku Oil

Teikoku Oil Teikoku Oil has spread its operations far and wide. Teikoku Oil is one of Japan's largest oil and natural gas producers. The company has operations in a wide range of oil-related activities, from exploration and production to petrochemical refining to products transportation.

Website: Teikoku Oil

Japan Energy Corporation

Japan Energy Corporation Japan Energy Corporation is a Japanese petroleum company, which is a subsidiary wholly owned by Nippon Mining Holdings, Inc. Nippon Mining Holdings Group has four main business areas, petroleum, non-ferrous metals, electronics materials and other operations. It has had several previous names, Nippon Mining among them. The petroleum products of Japan Energy Corporation are sold by filling stations called JOMO stations.

Website: Japan Energy Corporation

The Nippon Oil Corporation

The Nippon Oil Corporation Nippon Oil Corporation, or NOC, is a Japanese petroleum company. Its businesses include the exploration, importation, and refining of crude oil; the manufacture and sale of petroleum products, including fuels and lubricants; and other energy-related activities. Its products are sold under the brand name ENEOS, which is also the name used for its service stations. It is the largest oil company in Japan, and in recent years it has been expanding its operations in other countries.

Website: The Nippon Oil Corporation

San-Ai Oil Co., Ltd.

San-Ai Oil Co., Ltd. San-Ai Oil Co., Ltd. is a Japanese corporation dealing in petroleum products, aviation fuel storage and related services. Established in 1952, San-Ai has a capitalization of 10.1 billion yen. It is a member of the Ricoh San-Ai Group. Its headquarters are in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

Website: San-Ai Oil Co., Ltd.

Otaki Gas Co., Ltd.

Otaki Gas Co., Ltd. The Group's principal activities are the supplying and selling of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and the sale and lease of gas related appliances. The Group is also involved in data processing operations and sale of office automation equipment. The operations are carried through the following divisions: Gas; Gas Appliances; Gas Engineering Works and Other.

Website: Otaki Gas Co., Ltd.

Osaka Gas Co Limited.

Osaka Gas Co Limited. The Group's principal activity is the production of natural gas and related services. The operations are carried out thought the following divisions: Gas; Liquefied petroleum gas and other energies; Gas appliances; Real estate and Other. The Real estate division deals with leasing and management. The Other division operates restaurants and sports gyms.

Website: Osaka Gas Co Limited.

Keiyo Gas Co., Ltd.

Keiyo Gas Co., Ltd. Keiyo Gas Co., Ltd.. The Group's principal activities are to produce and distribute natural gas. The Group is also involved in the wholesale of gas appliances and gas alarm and the management of real estate. The operations are carried out through the following divisions: Gas production and distribution; Gas engineering works and Other.

Website: Keiyo Gas Co., Ltd.

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