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Au (mobile phone operator)

Au (mobile phone operator) au or au/kddi (au by KDDI) , is a mobile phone brand in Japan marketed by KDDI Corporation in the main islands of Japan and Okinawa Cellular in Okinawa. Its name is based on the Japanese verbs for "meet" and "unite".

Website: Au (mobile phone operator)

GEco Holdings, LLC

GEco Holdings, LLC gEco was most recently recipient of the Red Herring Magazine 2006 "Top 100 Company in Asia" award for its portfolio of world-class environmental technologies that included a micro-dialysis device, micro-air-conditioning and a new deep sea water manufacturing facility located at NELHA research park in Kona, Hawaii.

Website: GEco Holdings, LLC

ITX Corporation

ITX Corporation ITX Corporation. The Group's principal activities are to market equipment and provide maintenance services. The services include mobile services, network services, satellite, broadcasting and contents and life science information. The operations are carried out through the following divisions: Life science; Network services & Technology; Mobile services and Business innovation.

Website: ITX Corporation

Index Corporation

Index Corporation Index Corporation is engaged in wireless entertainment applications and content. In early 1995, Index developed industry leader DoCoMo's popular "God of Love" wireless fortune telling service. Today, Index operates approximately 110 mobile websites for 7.5 million users. Recently, Index Corp. signed an agreement with the Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) to develop and distribute branded mobile content in China, building on their already-existing successful collaboration in Japan.

Website: Index Corporation

Infocom Corporation

Infocom Corporation The Group's principal activity is to provide integrated telecommunications services. The operations are carried out through the following divisions: Solutions, Services and Frontier business. The Solutions Division provides IT solutions such as designing, development and consultation for information systems used in mobile phones, general enterprises and pharmaceutical industries. The Services business includes provision of mobile phone contents, and designing and management of information systems.

Website: Infocom Corporation

Hikari Tsushin, Inc.

Hikari Tsushin, Inc. Hikari Tsushin acts as a middleman. An agent for several mobile phone service companies, the company also sells wireless telephone handsets and other communications products. Hikari Tsushin also invests in Internet startup companies through subsidiary Hikari Tsushin Capital.

Website: Hikari Tsushin, Inc.

Gigno System Japan Incorporated

Gigno System Japan Incorporated Gigno System Japan Incorporated. The Group's principal activity is to provide information to cell phones and system solutions. The operations are carried out through the following divisions: Information provider business, System solutions; Audio visual and Commerce. The division Information provider business plans, develops, and operates web sites that support a multitude of mobile telephone services including i-mode, EZweb, J-Sky, browser phone, and L mode.

Website: Gigno System Japan Incorporated

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation or NTT, is a telephone company that dominates the telecommunication market in Japan. Once established as a monopoly public corporation, the company was privatized in 1985 to encourage competition in the telecom market.

Website: Nippon Telegraph and Telephone


SoftBank SoftBank Corp. is a leading Japanese telecommunications and media corporation, with operations in broadband, fixed-line telecommunications, e-Commerce, Internet, broadmedia, technology services, finance, media and marketing, and other businesses.

Website: SoftBank

Vic Tokai

Vic Tokai Vic Tokai Corporation is a leading telecommunications force in Japan providing cable and DSL services as well as network solutions.The "Vic" in Vic Tokai's name stands for Valuable Information & Communication while the "Tokai" is simply the name of its parent company TOKAI, a Japanese natural gas utility founded in 1950.

Website: Vic Tokai


Willcom WILLCOM, Inc. is a telecommunications company operating a PHS network covering almost all over Japan, and has the largest share of Japanese PHS market. Other PHS operators withdrawing their services, it is bound to become the only remaining PHS operator. It crossed the 4 million subscribers mark on May 29, 2006. WILLCOM Okinawa Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary for operations in Okinawa.

Website: Willcom

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