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Are you seeking a job opportunity in Japan? In fact many people see Japan as a land of opportunities, because it is one of the most technological countries around the world. If you are interested in coming to Japan to work you obviously need to know what kind of job you want. Finding a job in Japan is largely dependent on being in the right place at the right time, and having the right connections.

In Japan numerous foreign residents from English speaking countries work as language instructors, and some other professional fields, in which qualified foreign residents have an excellent opportunity to find work, include translation, IT, modeling, gastronomy, entertainment, among others. Being in Japan while job seeking and to posses Japanese language abilities are two real keys to increase your opportunities of finding a job. That doesn't mean eloquent Japanese is necessary. Mistakes in Japanese are permitted as long as genuine respect is shown at all times.

Where can I find a Job?

Supposing that you are interested in coming to Japan to work but you haven't yet disposed a job, you need to know where to look for it. Seeking on the internet is very easy; there are countless sites with job listings (Some are listed below). However, the most common and well-established source of job information is "The Japan Times". One of the few autonomous English language newspapers published in Japan.

Daijob, Inc.

Daijob, Inc. The purpose of Daijob is to help individuals to find employment and companies to find appropriate candidates. The website is helpfully and you can increase your opportunity to work in Japan by becoming a member. Members can store resumes online and make them searchable by employers.

Website: Daijob, Inc.

Tokyo Connections

Tokyo Connections Tokyo Connections is a basic source that unites the many disparate online resources of information about jobs in Japan into a single location, offering a central stepping-off point to relevant job related resources. Visitors can rate listed resources on a scale of 1 through 10, and can view the most accepted resources, both by number of visits and by rating.

Website: Tokyo Connections

Japan Jobkink

Japan Jobkink proposes useful information on hiring foreigners including free downloads of legal forms and discussion boards. is listed in most important search engines and has been publicized on media.

Website: Japan Jobkink

Job Seek Japan

Job Seek Japan The website of the Job Seek Japan is one of the sources most visited of Japan employment information. Find a job through of its search tools, is very easy, jobs can be located by date, location, position, or type of job. For this reason, new jobs are being added every day. In addition, registered users can place, update and remove jobs from the web with immediate results.

Website: Job Seek Japan

Job Dragon

Job Dragon In this website you can look into several professional job opportunities from global industry leaders and high-growth companies. The search tools make it easier for the people to find the right job.

Website: Job Dragon

Career Cross

Career Cross CareerCross is a bilingual online employment source that serves the Japan focused business community. They provide strong bilingual candidates than any other website never offered; among they are especially the middle and senior level candidates. CareerCross aspires to provide a high quality and highly focused recruitment resource that combines Japanese levels of service with economical prices by basing their business approaches on their own experiences and through listening to the comments of both employers and job seekers.

Website: Career Cross

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