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Nippon Camera

Nippon Camera Nippon Camera is a Japanese photography magazine that started in March 1950 as a bimonthly magazine, published by Kogeisha (Tokyo) as the heir to the book series Amachua Shashin Sosho (19489). It became a monthly magazine from July 1951. Today, the magazine is published by Nippon Camera-sha (Tokyo), which also publishes an annual, Shashin Nenkan, the annually revised practical encyclopedia Gendai shashin no jiten, and other photography-related books.

Website: Nippon Camera


Option Option is a car magazine established by Daijiro Inada in 1981, to meet the demand for fanatics of modified Japanese cars in Japan. Today, the magazine is published by the Japanese media giant San-Ei Shobo Publishing Co. Ltd., the corporation of Sunpros, a company owned by Inada, who is behind both the D1 Grand Prix series and Tokyo Auto Salon.

Website: Option

Young Guitar Magazine

Young Guitar Magazine Young Guitar Magazine is a famous guitar magazine issued by publisher "Shinko music" in Japan. This Magazine is characterized to collect the super-guitarist's interview and guitar practice. In addition to, it is respected by musicians from around the world for its seriousness and dedication to cover only music that is considered "pure" metal and rock 'n roll.

Website: Young Guitar Magazine

Toyo Keizai

Toyo Keizai Toyo Keizai Inc. founded in Tokyo, is a Japanese publishing company specialized in politics, economics and business, always from a liberal perspective. In addition to, the company is popular for Weekly Toyo Keizai founded in 1895, one of three Japanese leading business magazines ranked with Nikkei Business published by Nikkei Business Publications and Weekly DIAMOND published by DIAMOND.

Website: Toyo Keizai

JJ Magazine

JJ Magazine JJ Magazine is a Japanese fashion magazine published by Kobunsha and founded since 1975. JJ is currently supported among female college students and office ladies. The ages of the readers of JJ are between 17 to 26, included college students and office workers. Issues include articles on shopping, fashion, dining recommendations, beauty, and the latest trends.

Website: JJ Magazine

Japanese Economic Review

Japanese Economic Review The Japanese Economic Review is an economic journal published since 1950 by an association of leading Japanese economists under the name "The Economic Studies Quarterly"; the journal became the official English language publication of the Japanese Economic Association in 1959. Today, it is open to all researchers in the field of economics around the world. Its scope is wide and it covers all standard research including microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics.

Website: Japanese Economic Review

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