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Saving money in an international phone call from Japan toward the world is not as simple as many people are led to believe, the public phones which accept coins, phone cards and credit cards are exclusive to local calls and not to international calls, because it can be very expensive. Only some public phones make an international call possible among they are:

  • Green phones are the most widespread public phones, here you can use coins and phone cards. International calls are possible from some of them.
  • Grey phones are also very common; here you can use coins and phone cards. International calls are possible from the most of them.
  • Orange phones are the latest variety of public phones and have also become quite popular. International calls are possible, and coins and IC cards can be used.

However, the number of public phones seems to have declined in recent years due to the popularity of mobile phones, but they are still numerous. Apart from public phones, different telephone companies specialize in different types of international calls, there is a big difference in costs depending on which telephone company you use. The three most popular companies that provide international communications services are: KDDI, ISD and IDC.

Direct dial service is the service feature that allows a user call any other user inside or outside the local area to place information concerning credit card calls,...

The easiest, simplest, and less expensive means to make international calls while on the road is by using prepaid phone cards. These can help you save money!...

Internet phone calls sound like a good option. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a fancy name for using your computer to make phone calls. It makes a lot of sense...

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