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McGill MBA Japan Program

McGill MBA Japan Program Designed to provide students with a world-class North American style graduate business education, the McGill MBA Japan program emphasizes the international perspective required by today's top managers. The program also aims to provide students with the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills they will need to meet the leadership challenges of the next century.

Website: McGill MBA Japan Program

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University On its multicultural, multilingual campus in Beppu, Oita Prefecture, the APU Graduate School of Management has developed a unique Master of Business Administration program that offers case method education focused on businesses in Japan and the Asia Pacific region together with a strong foundation in established management techniques based on concepts adopted by Western businesses.

Website: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Temple University, Japan Campus

Temple University, Japan Campus The MBA program at Temple University, Japan Campus provides courses for those who, like you, have the potential to lead a global enterprise. And it benefits from a fertile environment created by a mix of students from diverse cultures and professors with wide-ranging experiences.

Website: Temple University, Japan Campus

Tama University

Tama University Tama University is known for its academic rigor, its outstanding student-centered curriculum, superb faculty, and beautiful campus. It is a place where teachers and students - or students among themselves - "communicate" their burning ambitions. It is also a place where new ideas are created.

Website: Tama University

Hiroshima Shudo University

Hiroshima Shudo University The major purpose of the curriculum is to make scientific analysis of the business activities of individual enterprises based on a professional knowledge of business management and accounting. In research and discussion, the latest information technology will be utilized. Support systems are in place for any students seeking certification as a Class 1 national government official.

Website: Hiroshima Shudo University

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