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Keio Business School

Keio Business School The MBA Program is designed to have two major activities; normal class sessions based on case method and MBA thesis development. Eight core courses are designed to provide basic management skills, and elective courses are offered to further strengthen specific functional skills and to facilitate deeper understanding of general management issues.

Website: Keio Business School

Nihon University

Nihon University One of the features of this program is that you can get acquainted with various students with various business backgrounds. This enables you to share live business experiences and learn a variety of businesses with each other through discussions and project work in class. It is said that human networks are indispensable for bringing businesses to success.

Website: Nihon University

SANNO University

SANNO University The Master of Business Administration Course was opened in 2004. At present, about 70 students study to cultivate individuals with highly specialized management skills through case studies, group discussions, and special lectures by top executives. Students improve their ability to solve actual business and workplace challenges by a variety of practices, and acquire the decision making skills and practical thinking skills needed for strategic planning and organizational reform.

Website: SANNO University

University of Tsukuba

University of Tsukuba The Master's Program in Business Administration and Public Policy (MBA-MPP) is run by the Dept. of Social Systems and Management. The Program emphasizes practical knowledge and skills for dealing with various kinds of social phenomena and/or policy making in contrast to its sister Master's Program in Social Systems Engineering (SSE) which focuses on theoretical approaches. Students of MBA-MPP acquire expertise in the following three concentration areas: a) Finance, b) Management and Public Administration, and c) Marketing and Operations.

Website: University of Tsukuba

Japan-America Institute of Management Science

Japan-America Institute of Management Science The advantage of the Japan-focused MBA is that it will provide you with a real internship at a company in Japan, giving you a solid understanding of doing business in that country. In the JEMBA program you will become proficient in business Japanese, while few of your MBA competitors in the job market will have learned a language as intensively.

Website: Japan-America Institute of Management Science

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