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Waseda University

Waseda University Training talented people competent in dealing with the Asia-Pacific region is a pressing need. The Waseda Business School (WBS) in the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies aims to instill in people the needed expertise and the desire to work for the benefit of society. WBS strives to become an innovation engine for the future, nurturing the capability to manage technology strategically in the MOT program, creating globally savvy managers in the MBA program, and meeting society's needs in both.

Website: Waseda University

Anaheim University

Anaheim University Founded upon the management principles of Akio Morita, Peter Drucker and other renowned business leaders, the mission of the Akio Morita School of Business is to develop global business leaders, who will contribute to the development of sound economic and public policy in a globally competitive world, by integrating innovative online teaching, relevant scholarship, and business experience.

Website: Anaheim University

Aichi University

Aichi University The program consists of a 2-year pre-doctoral curriculum (master's degree) and a 3-year doctoral curriculum, both of which are pursued as daytime courses at the Nagoya Campus.The section is divided into four fields: management, accounting, distribution, and information. Each field has its own curriculum. The section as a whole emphasizes language study for international business requirements. It produces researchers and advanced professionals.

Website: Aichi University

Asia University

Asia University The Asia University of Japan is a private university located in Tokyo that offers courses in Business Administration, Economics, Law and International Relations. It shares its name with a university located in Taiwan. Students take a combination of diversified courses including marketing, accounting, finance, management strategy, and other professional subjects. This major cultivates self-initiative in students and enables them to design their lives and careers based upon the material they study over four years.

Website: Asia University

Kanto Gakuin University

Kanto Gakuin University Kanto Gakuin University is a private university located in Yokohama, Japan. The school's official English name is Mabie Memorial School. It traces its roots to The Baptist Theological Seminary of Yokohama established by Albert Arnold Bennett, a missionary of the American Baptist Missionary Union, in 1884. The school's name was changed to Kanto Gakuin in 1919.

Website: Kanto Gakuin University

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