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Komazawa University

Komazawa University The Graduate Division of Business Administration shapes its goals from the requirements of society. Its academic research aims for higher efficiency in business administration, and in its pedagogic activity aims to produce professionals of defined knowledge and special ability.

Website: Komazawa University

Konan University

Konan University The Master's degree program offers evening courses, and thereby lends its support to businesspeople hoping to obtain further degrees. As there is an educational training benefit system for specially designated courses sponsored by the Ministry of Welfare and Labor, if specific conditions are met, a part of the tuition fee will be paid for.

Website: Konan University

Kwansei Gakuin University

Kwansei Gakuin University The Graduate School of Business Administration is one which educates scholars while at the same time educating businesspeople. Half of its graduates become certified public accountants, licensed tax accountants, national tax experts, and other such professionals. Many of the other students have completed doctoral courses and become top scholars at various universities and research institutions. Along with its regular business courses, this graduate school also jointly runs courses with the Graduate Schools of Humanities and Sociology, offering such subjects as investigative approaches to behavioral sciences.

Website: Kwansei Gakuin University

Meiji University

Meiji University Global Business Research is comprised of 4 fields. Curriculum can be selected at students' own discretion from among wide range of detailed studies to help students become highly-skilled specialists or generalists. Through case studies and seminars based on serious discussions and individual guidance, MBA Program provides unique and exciting educational environment.

Website: Meiji University

Ryukoku University

Ryukoku University In this graduate school, while thinking much of the cooperation with the men of business who actually take an active part in the industrial world, too, it is proceeding with the education and the research in the graduate school. Working in cooperation with business people in society, promotes the education and research at the graduate school.

Website: Ryukoku University

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