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Transportation in Japan is basically defined by the widespread system of the country, especially within urban areas and between the large cities. The majority of Japanese people traveled on foot until the latter part of the 19th century. The first railway was built between Tokyo and Yamaha in 1872, and many more were developed from then on. Japan currently has the most developed transportation system in the world. There are many different vehicles, each one with its own special features. Some of these vehicles are the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) and express trains. There are also five train companies around Japan that operate systems without drivers. These new systems hold huge promises for the future.

Public transport in Japan is probably the most competent in the world. Since the inauguration of the first Shinkansen (Highspeed trains) in 1964, the public transportation has been mostly defined by the bullet and commuter train...

Japan is one of the Economy leaders in the world, and member of the G8. This country with is rapid economy growth, is a great destiny for relocation. The country has a high tax system, and the sales tax is of 5%. The country has a density of population of 330 people per square km.

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