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Whether you are moving to Japan for work or to retire, the one thing that is certain is that you will require an international relocation agent that can provide you with the means to get your items there safe and sound. But it does not end there. The relocation agent will also take care of your travel arrangements, your work documents, visa, partner and kids. These agents often have a wide network of contacts that also specialize in international immigration but from complimentary sectors like finance and insurance.

For this reason, many companies specializing in international relocation services track record of moving goods as well as people in and out of Japan. Most of them help you get familiarized with your relocation to Eastern Asia, island chain between the North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, east of the Korean Peninsula and the surroundings. In addition, these companies can help you in other aspects of your move as Passport(s), Certificate of Registration, Residence and Work Permits, Medical and Immunization Certificates, etc.

Below, we mentioned a list of some relocation companies in Japan.


ReloJapan Whether relocating someone or a group of workers to Japan, a successful move will centre on personalized and cost-effective destination services, clear communication, and access to local area expertise and knowledge. ReloJapan's comprehensive relocation programs leave no stone unturned, permitting the employee a smooth transition into life in Japan and the ability to focus on their work related tasks.

Website: ReloJapan

Tokyo Orientations

Tokyo Orientations Tokyo Orientations was established in 1983 to help expatriate families in their moves to Japan. They offer companies and individuals with relocation solutions to make the transition as smooth and cost-effective as possible. Services can be acquired individually or as a package and are always personalized.

Website: Tokyo Orientations

TGA Inc.

TGA Inc. TGA offers a wide range of services for business people and their families relocating to Japan from overseas. Professional and flexible services are offered throughout their coordinators, who will respond to the extra requirements of each client.

Website: TGA Inc.

K.K. START Realty

K.K. START Realty This company offers information and services for nonnationals relocating to Tokyo, including listings from apartments, houses, and furnished properties. All of their staffs are dedicated to offering their clients with the highest quality services possible. 

Website: K.K. START Realty

Japan Relocation, Inc.

Japan Relocation, Inc. Japan Relocation, Inc. is a Relocation Service Company offering services to residential property owners as well as to individuals seeking residence in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are principally focused on offering services to Japanese individuals and corporate for their housings needs.

Website: Japan Relocation, Inc.

XPS Tokyo - Movers & expat service company

XPS Tokyo - Movers & expat service company XPS Tokyo is a company that was created to make living in Tokyo much easier. It offers a wide range of services including deliveries, relocation, personal imports & online furniture store.

Website: XPS Tokyo - Movers & expat service company

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