MBA Job Salaries

MBA Job Salaries Once you have graduated college with you MBA, you may begin to wonder about the types of jobs that are available and the salaries you are capable of earning based on your experience and the type of degree you have obtained. When you want to know more about MBA positions and salaries, there is a MBA salary calculator available right from home, online. Using a salary calculator is ideal whether you plan to work in marketing, finance or even international business depending on your own experience, skills and education.

Jobs Available With a MBA

Working in finance, marketing, international business, accounting and even business management is all possible once you have obtained your MBA. The median mid-career salary average for those working in finance is approximately $121,000 annually. The average CEO earns $168,000 annually, while finance directors earn $151,000 and senior financial analysts have the ability to earn approximately $85,600 each year. When you work in international business, the average salary is about $116,000, with a sales director earning about $137,000 each year. Operations directors earn an average of $120,000 annually, and an IT project manager earns approximately $100,000, depending on the company you are working for professionally. Those who are qualified to work in accounting full-time have the ability to earn about $84,000 each year depending on the position you take.

The average individual working in marketing has the ability to earn approximately $113,000 annually, the median pay for professionals in the industry. Marketing directors earn about $133,000, while business development managers are capable of earning $105,000. Marketing managers for companies who work full-time can earn around $102,000 annually.

Business management professionals earn about $96,900 annually, with sales directors taking home the most money at $114,000 each year. A HR director earns about $101,000 annually and a general manager of a business takes home approximately $85,600 depending on the company.

How to Properly Resign From Your Current Position

When you are ready to leave the job you are currently in, consider properly formatting resignation letters that are professional and relevant to the position you are in. When you give a resignation letter, you are showing that you are capable of being professional even when you can no longer hold the job that you have and you are seeking a new career path or position for yourself. Using a resignation letter is highly recommended if you have hopes of using your current employer as a reference for future positions you desire.

Using a Salary Calculator Tool

Using a salary calculator online once you have your MBA is a great way to gain insight into the average salaries provided by companies and various industries based on experience and the type of position you are interested in. A salary calculator is ideal whether you are looking to obtain a starting position within a company or if you are interested in finding a job that pays well immediately after graduation.

Putting salary calculation tools to use online will allow you to understand more about each job industry you are qualified to work in, helping you make the right decision for you based on your own interests and the type of industry you prefer professionally.