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Learning Spanish
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Why choose Mexico?

Mexico is a paradise with beautiful beaches, historical ruins, quaint villages, tropical jungles, breathtaking scenery, desert landscapes, and snow-capped volcanoes. Mexico has its charm, whether your passion is listening to howler monkeys, surfing the Mexican Pipeline or scrambling over Mayan ruins.

The climate of Mexico is hot and humid in the coastal plains, and drier and more temperate at higher elevations inland of the country.

The people living there are descended from the Indians (such as the Aztecs) and the Spanish (Mexico was a Spanish colony for 300 years).

The corn is the chief food of most Mexicans. Instead of eating bread, most Mexicans eat a tortilla. It is thin, flat bread usually made from corn meal and cooked on a griddle. Many people also eat frijoles (beans) that are Taco boiled, mashed, and then fried.

Many Mexican men wear white cotton t-shirts, pants, and leather sandals called huaraches, and sometimes they wear wide hats called "sombreros".

Sports in Mexico are fun! There's soccer, rodeo, bullfighting and more!

ˇBienvenido a México!