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Grupo Tampico

Grupo Tampico Grupo Tampico is one of the most important corporations in the Northeastern part of Mexico. It located in Tampico, Tamaulipas. Grupo Tampico main products are Coca-Cola, Automobiles and Tourism services.

Grupo Tampico has presence in of all Mexico with its leading brands of products and services, specifically in the states of Tamaulipas, Veracruz, San Luis Potosí, Jalisco, Nuevo León, Coahuila and the State of Mexico.

Website: Grupo Tampico

Transmission Technologies Corporation

Transmission Technologies Corporation Transmission Technologies Corporation is a manufacturer of automobile transmissions, best known for their TREMEC line of manual transmissions. The company has a sales and marketing office in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and production facilities in Queretaro, Mexico and Knoxville, Tennessee. An additional engineering site is in Toledo, Ohio.

Some of the most famous TREMEC products were originally designed by Borg-Warner, including the widely-used T-56.

Website: Transmission Technologies Corporation

Vehículos Automotores Mexicanos S.A.

Vehiculos Automotores Mexicanos S.A. Vehículos Automotores Mexicanos S.A. (VAM) was an automaker in Mexico. It was established in 1963 after the Mexican Government passed a law to control the government-owned SOMEX (Sociedad Mexicana de Crédito Industrial), the parent company of Willys Mexicana S.A. (established since 1946 as a distributor for Willys-Overland Jeeps) that held the license to produce and import AMC Ramblers. Willys Mexicana was transformed into VAM in 1963 after an agreement between American Motors Corporation (AMC) and the Mexican Government. At the same time, AMC took a 40% equity interest in VAM, but did not actively participate in the company's management. Government content regulations required VAM vehicles had to have at least 50% locally sourced parts.

Website: Vehículos Automotores Mexicanos S.A.

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