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ACAFINTEX At the beginnings of 1986, a dream developed an idea, then this idea turned into a reality, that today we know as ACAFINTEX

Thanks to careful selection of the our personnel and of the processes on the handling, dyed and finished of the different kinds of cloths, we have achieved a preponderant and well orientated place in the national and international textile industry.



AVANTE Transform raw material in yarn, knit fabrics and apparel.

Provides high quality products that fulfill the necessities of our customers, achieving long term growth goals, with a commitment to society and the environment.

Website: AVANTE


GONTEX GONTEX has the best in clothing for kids and young guys and gals, where you'll find the most comfortable, funniest, high quality clothes.

Through the years GONTEX has distinguished itself for the creation of the best designs with a touch of good taste and always in the latest fashion trends, offering a complete line of clothes and accessories for kids and teenagers from six months to sixteen years old.

Website: GONTEX

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