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Farmacia Guadalajara

Farmacia Guadalajara Farmacia Guadalajara is a Mexican Drugstore Chain, founded in 1942 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in 1989 born the Superfarmacia™ Concept, in 1992 opens the first drugstore outside Guadalajara in Aguascalientes City, currently have more than 400 drugstores in 18 States of country, for religious reasons this drugstores don't sell condoms.

Website: Farmacia Guadalajara

Farmacias Benavides

Farmacias Benavides Farmacias Benavides is a Mexican drugstore, founded in 1917 in Monterrey, Mexico, and owned since December 2002 by the Chilean pharmacy company FASA.

It began operations as Botica del Carmen in Monterrey, and opened its first drugstores in 1940 in this same city. It grew over the next 60 years to have over 600 drugstores throughout northern and western Mexico.

In the early-21st century Farmacias Benavides was near bankruptcy until it was acquired by FASA. The company has sinced returned to financial health, and is now opening new locations throughout the region.

Website: Farmacias Benavides

Grupo Sanborns

Grupo Sanborns Grupo Sanborns is a large retail, pharmacy and department store chain located in Mexico. Few Mexican companies are as steeped in history as Sanborn Hermanos, owners of Sanborns pharmacy.

The retail company was founded on in Mexico City on June 19, 1903 by California immigrants Walter and Frank Sanborn, who also opened Mexico's first soda fountain.

Website: Grupo Sanborns

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