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There are many options in the Insurance market in Mexico, and the costs of Insurance varies depending on what they cover, your age and the quality of hospitals that are included with the coverage, that range from small good hospitals to big top-technology ones. It is all up to how much you can pay and what you consider are important aspects the insurance should cover.

In average insurance per person goes from US$800 to over US$2000.

Emergency-coverage Insurance is very popular in Mexico, as it is cheaper to pay day-to-day problems, such as cold, than to pay for a comprehensive Insurance. Check ups are not expensive, are medicines for common issues are affordable so people prefer to pay as they go for eventual problems.

When looking for Insurance, make sure to get exactly what you want and to check for possible discounts. Also check for payment methods as sometimes insurance companies reimburse the money you have spent and other companies pay some listed hospitals directly.

It is always important for foreigners that live in Mexico to get some type of international health insurance, as it gives you more options when it comes to your healthcare and your family´s.

It is possible to get an insurance that will cover you and your family in both your country of origin and your country of residence.

A factor to keep in perspective when checking insurance plans is that regular insurance policies will not cover you unless you are in your country of origin, so keep make sure the insurance you are applying to will cover you in the place you will live.

Short-term international health insurance will cover people for no more than three years when living outside their country of origin, if this is not good enough for you, it is possible to apply for an International Major Health Insurance with covers people for a lifetime when living outside their country of origin.

When looking for insurance companies remember to, firstly, check their websites so you know if what type of certifications, plans and clients they have. Then check what they offer, in terms of facilities and professionals. Check how accessible they are, in case of emergencies for an instance.

You can check for the best insurance companies through different organizations that rank these companies taking into account the most important factors that there are to consider.

Companies of Private Health Insurance
General de Seguros
General de Seguros General de Seguros, S.A. surges at the end of 1970, as a result of the meeting of a group of functionaries of the insurance sector, where they planned the possibility to form a new insurance company, different to those that participated in the industry insurance company in that moment.

Website: General de Seguros, S.A.

GNP Seguros
GNP Seguros GNP is a Mexican company, operated and administrated for Mexican, that it has the best coverage of the market to national level, and it counts the most professional force of sales in the market, advising its customers with full knowledge, ethics, professionalism and with the capacity to understand and to provide, the necessities of each insured person.

Website: GNP Seguros

Plan Seguro S.A.
Plan Seguro S.A. Plan Seguro S.A. de C.V. Company of Insurance begins activities with a entrepreneurial structure dedicated to Administer Systems of Integral Health. With the participation of Hospital Institutions of first level, companies of marketers and administrators of Health are created.

Plan Seguro S.A. de C.V., is authorized to be constituted as Institution of Sure on November 26, 1996 and it begins activities the October 1, 1997.

Website: Plan Seguro S.A.

Novamedic Seguros de Salud
Novamedic Seguros de Salud It is an Institution of Insurance specialized in Health, registered and authorized properly by the Mexican laws for the operation of the field of health.

The Novamedic Globales products count on a coverage of minor and bigger medical expenses. They are plans insured that they can be subscribed by families or of individual way.

Website: Novamedic Seguros de Salud

Private Hospitals and Clinics

  • Hospital Angeles Mexico - Agrarismo No. 208, Col. Escandón, C.P. 11800, México D.F. - Telephone: 5516 9900

  • American British Cowdray Hospital - Calle Sur 136, on corner of Avenida Observatorio Col. Las Americas - Telephone: 5230-80-00, 5515-83-59 - Emergency: 5230-81-61

  • Hospital Infantil Privado - Viaducto Rio Becerra No. 97, Col. Nápoles, Benito Juarez, Distrito Federal - Telephone: 5682-50-00, 5687-30-55 - Emergency: 5340-10-00

  • Hospital Metropolitano - Tlacotalpan No. 51, Col. Roma Sur - Telephone: 5265-18-00, 5265-19-00

  • Hospital de Mexico - Agrarismo 208, Col. Escandon - Telephone: 5516-99-00 to 19

  • Hospital Español - Av. Ejercito Nacional No. 613, Col. Granada - Telephone: 5255-96-00, 5255-96-47

  • Hospital Betania - 11 Oriente 1826 Col. Azcarate, Puebla, Puebla - Telephone: 5213-83-00 with 30 lines

  • Hospital Cornestone - Av. de los Tule No. 36 (next to Plaza Caracol), Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco - Telephone: +52 (322) 226-37-00

  • Hospital del Sol - Tomás Alba Edison No. 1333 and Artigas, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua - Telephone: 611-7073, 611-7074 and 611-7075

  • Hospital Guadalajara - Calle 2a Benito Juárez No.1413, Col. Zona Centro, Tijuana, Baja California - Telephone: (664) 685-89-60 / 685-89-61

  • Hospital La Piedad - Francisco Javier Mina 7535 fraccionamiento las Américas, Mariano Matamoros, Tijuana, Baja California - Telephone: (664) 661-05-00 to 06

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