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For several years, Mexico has had a deficit in its work offer; hence, one of the most important goals of the government is to foment the creation of work sources.

Unemployment in Mexico is becoming more and more troubling. Young Mexicans are the segment of the population that is most affected, suffering unemployment rates twice as high as those among adults. The unemployment rate is higher in the big towns, where the work market is more organized.

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Bolsa Mexicana de Trabajo

Bolsa Mexicana de Trabajo It is the first web page in Mexico dedicated exclusively to promote curriculums at the companies through internet.

The fundamental difference with other web sites is than the companies do not even pay a weight to see your curriculum here.

Website: Bolsa Mexicana de Trabajo

Observatorio Laboral

Observatorio Laboral The Observatorio Laboral is a public service of on-line information on the labor market that the Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social puts to your disposition in a gratuitous and permanent way to help you to respond the questions on the world of the work and the occupations.

Website: Observatorio Laboral


CHAMBANET "CHAMBANET" is a gratuitous service of bag of electronic work in internet that the Secretaria del Trabajo y Previsión Social puts to disposition of all companies and searchers of employment of the country.

Through CHAMBANET the companies will be able to register and to publish in direct form their employment vacancies as well as to select and to contact candidates of their interest to cover them; also, the employment searchers will be able to give of high their personal data and labor profile, as well as to consult and to contact the work vacancies that are of their attractive, from any part of the country.


Unidad Psicológica

Unidad Psicológica Unidad Psicológica began operations in the consulting and management business of human resources in 1985. Its owner is the Lic. Norma C. Rubio Rivas, who has a major in psychology, has a complete team of professionals at your service.

Its Mission is to offer to the community a specialized service in Human Resources, using the knowledge of its behavior, intellect and abilities. It is finding the ideal candidate to the job description.

Website: Unidad Psicológica

ALSmith y Asociados

ALSmith y Asociados It gives you the broadest view of the executive recruitment and selection world. Not only will you find a large variety of options and steps to follow in your search to find the right consultant for your recruitment needs, but you will also gain a better understanding and definition of the needs and challenges facing today's companies.

The search of capable executives has become an undeniable need in globalization of the industrial processes. Competition is increasingly tight and implacable, and the strategies that worked yesterday no longer apply today. New and surprising challenges are arising on daily basis, so time is of the essence.

Website: ALSmith y Asociados

Smith Search

Smith Search We are Mexico’s leading retained executive search firm. We are American owned and Mexican driven. We are successful. Thirty-four years prove it.

We have an executive search for Mexican and foreign companies, usually for the three top management levels. We recruit mostly bilingual bicultural Mexican MBA holders who are doing well but are willing to listen.

Website: Smith Search

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