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The situation of Media in Mexico has highly improved. The Political Constitution guarantees freedom of expression and freedom of the press. Government, in practice, usally protects these rights, and journalists have the possibility of criticizing the Government without disablement. However, it is important to mention that though Mexico has improved its Media conditions it is still far from being the democratic and free place in which journalists can exercise a good job, in some regions journalists work under very dangerous conditions, in addition to receive threats, to be taken to trial because of defamation and to be chased by local authorities, the police and drug cartels. Likewise, the system of journalistic corruption continues being one of the most involved in the hemisphere.

Television is by far the main means of entertainment for the Mexican population and its strength has, sometimes, displaced a lot of cultural manifestations, like movies and theater.

The radio is the media that is not so spectacular like the movies, so modern like the internet or so showy like the television, but it has an enormous power of penetration in the people of all social levels and demographic.

But if you want to be informed that happens in the different environments of this country and in the world, without doubt you should appeal to the written press that has infinity of alternatives in newspapers and magazines.

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