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El Universal

El Universal El Universal is a major Mexican newspaper. It was born the October 1 from 1916 to initiative of the engineer Félix Fulgencio Palavicini who was part of the Constituent Congress of Querétaro.

It has no official political affiliation and is the most read newspaper in Mexico. Currently It has ventured successfully in Television, Radio and Internet.

Website: El Universal

La Jornada

La Jornada La Jornada is one of the principal Mexican newspapers of national circulation, published daily in the Mexico City from the September 19, 1984, for Carlos Payán Velver.

Format has tabloid and is based in the city of Mexico, although also it circulates with different supplements in other statuses of the Mexican republic.

Website: La Jornada

Diario Reforma

Diario Reforma The Diario Reforma is a newspaper of national circulation in Mexico that is printed in the Mexico City and that is edited by the Group Reforma.

It circulates from the November 20, 1993. Its director is Alejandro Junco de la Vega.

The newspaper lacks a 'editorial', and one of your characteristics is the clear political and ideological identification of its editorialists with the right.

Website: Diario Reforma

El Dictamen

El Dictamen In 1926, Juan Malpica Mimendi took the responsibility of the newspaper, he remained to charge of the newspaper for 72 years, and he left it as an inheritance to his children Bertha, Rosalía and Carlos Antonio.

El Dictamen says to be the dean of the national press.

Website: El Dictamen

El Economista

El Economista El Economista is a Mexican Newspaper of Business and of Economy. It was founded in 1989. Its publication is from Monday to Friday in five columns.

One of the most commented features of this newspaper is the fact of its printing paper a strange tone of pink-orange.

Website: El Economista


Excélsior Excélsior is a Mexican newspaper founded by Rafael Alducín and published in the City of Mexico from March 18th of 1917.

The Nuevo Excélsior is a newspaper that goes back us to the informative tradition in Mexico. The March 18, 2006, celebrated 89 years of circulation, presented its new face, with that plans to take the leadership of the journalism at the country again.

Website: Excélsior

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