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The Mexican Peso ($) is the Mexican official currency. The Mexican coins are manufactured by the Casa de Moneda of México.

On January 1st, 1993 Mexico issued the "Nuevo Peso" (N$), 3 zeros were removed from the value, that is to say $1000 pesos are equal to 1 Nuevo peso (N$).

This currency was used from 1993 at 1996, when the Nuevo Peso was phased out and the Peso currency was phased in.

Banking in Mexico & Transfers of founds
The banking system of Mexico has a monetary policy conformed by a group of actions with a target: to have influence on interest rates and the public's expectations, so the evolution of the prices is congruent for the sake of maintaining a surroundings of low and stable inflation....

The Mexican fiscal system is inefficient, and because of that Mexico is in the 80th position of 131 countries, according to the index of Extension and effect of the taxes that the World Economic Forum (WEF) carried out....

In Mexico many banks offer facilities for a mortgage. For example, they accept your Fonavit credit (that Government's workers and registered in the IMSS have)...

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