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Many banks in Mexico offer options for Mortgages. For example they accept your Fnavit Credit (that Government´s workers and registered in the IMSS have), and the rate is fixed and low (12% to 9% yearly).

Nowadays, financing your home is easy, especially when you compare the process today with the process in the past, when you had to pay the entire price of a house in Cash. Obviously this was impossible in the past.

You can use a property in Mexico as collateral for a mortgage, you can get a US$-based loan, or if you are Spanish or British you can get a Euro-based loan, or a Peso-based loan. Prices for properties in Mexico are low compared to prices in other decades, so take the time to look at prices and you may find something interesting.

Mortgage Companies

Finance North America
Finance North America Finance North America, Inc. specializes in providing mortgage financing to U.S. and Canadian citizens on real estate transactions in Mexico. It offers not only purchase and refinance lending, but also construction loans that convert effortlessly into permanent financing.

Its founders have over 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry. They were the pioneers in the initial financing for Americans purchasing real estate in Mexico, and have a proven track record managing a variety of successful lending transactions on Mexico property.

Website: Finance North America

Collateral International
Collateral International Collateral International, LLC is providing financing in Mexico. Financing in Mexico can be a complex process. Collateral makes the process of buying a home in Mexico less burdensome.

Collateral International, L.L.C. is a U.S. mortgage company that offers dollar denominated loans to U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens for the purchase of vacation homes in the major resort areas of Mexico.

Website: Collateral International

MEXLend, Inc.
MEXLend, Inc. MEXLend, Inc. is a Mexican mortgage brokerage that currently represents 8 different lenders offering 75 different loan options in Dollars and Pesos for buyers looking to purchase vacation or investment property throughout Mexico.

Through partnerships with Banks, Private Lenders, Attorneys and Title Agencies - MEXLend has streamlined the mortgage process in Mexico and affords the purchaser the most options currently available for loans on real property.

Website: MEXLend, Inc.

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