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Mexico has expensive international calling rates, particularly mobile rates, because of the monopoly in the Mexican telephony market. Telmex (Telefonos de Mexico) is the dominant phone company in the country.

There are not many coin-operated or reserve-charge telephone boxes available in Mexico nowadays, most of them operate only with pre-paid phone cards.

A new system of telephone area codes went into effect in Mexico on November 17, 2001.

If you want to call a number out of Mexico, just dial the outside code 00 (that it is the international access code), then dial the country code, then the national area code (you should omit the first zero if there is one), and finally dial the local number...

You will find a calling card at any kiosk in every street corners, bus stations, airports, etc. There are a number of different calling card brands/companies for discounted long distance calls...

You can make free and cheap telephone calls with VoIP (Voice on the Internet Protocol).

You can connect to Internet from:
  • Internet Cafes
  • Hotel Connections
  • Public WiFi Connections

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