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Most major Hotels include a telephone in their rooms that can be used to make local, national and international calls. As all the hotels in the world, the international calls may cost a small fortune.

If you want to call a number out of Mexico, just dial the outside code 00 (that it is the international access code), then dial the country code, the the national area code (you should omit the first zero if there is one), and finally dial the local number:

  • 001 is the code of direct dial of city to city to United States, Canada and Caribbean.
  • 00 is the code of direct dial of city to city to the rest of the world.
Operator assisted call from Mexico to other countries is 090. The operators on the international number speak English.

Reverse Charge Calls

If you want to make a reverse charge international call from Mexico, dial the operator at 090. Ask to place a "collect" call and give them the number you want to connect to.

Charges Warning: Reverse Charge International calls from Mexico cost a small fortune for the person receiving the charge, so if you need to make an international call, try to find a telephone that accepts international incoming calls so the person you want to speak to can call you to that telephone, thus saving a lot of money and time.

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